"We won't say that strange bone's looking white"

by Bernadette 3

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released April 8, 2014

CD SOLD OUT --::::::::::-- AB RECORDS


Drums : Maël Desreumaux
Bass / rap vocals / guitars : Ianis Robin-Mylord
Guitars / vocals / synth : Antoine Nouel

All tracks recorded, mixed & mastered by Bernadette 3
Mixed at La Prairie Sun Studios (San Francisco), Sundlaugin Studio (Reykjavik) and Creature Club (Lyon)

Artwork by Apolicarpio

Thanks to : The Raiders, ISB Recording Studio, Birgir Jon Birgisson, SodaKat, le garage mais surtout la table de ping pong, les hippies, le voisin poissonnier, Bermudaa Sanka, MARAMé, AB Records, Régis Turner, les gens qui sont gentils, les animaux qui sont gentils, les arbres et les coooopains

AB Records 2014



all rights reserved


Bernadette 3 Lyon, France

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Track Name: We feel strange
We feel strange in the room upside
Cause you were on the roof
So you try to fly and smile
And we spread it over

I see us on a monkey ghost
On my knees you appear
If they shine I won't come back
You will say that I'm yours

Track Name: Everything's looking white
We're crying among the trees
Like kids on the walls
And I start to flow myself
In the antique looking gloves

And everything is looking white
I shaped my sins like unreal skilled ones
So I flow around to take you in the place
And I can't make it sound and drink the floating deads

We burned the city walls to see what is under
And I see you dragging around
To blow my face
You don't wanna go on my way
You don't wanna see that I'm okay
You spelled the shadow of your mind
Like if we were the readings we couldn't care
Track Name: From the trash
Well you were at the exit door
Nobody cares you just get out to smoke
Your friends
And people is around looking at you
You smell the odd clothes from the trash
Like us
From the trash

You're staring at the boys outside
They're stupid drunk and wanna lie
In your eyes
So you keep them thinking they're alive
By watching their shoes like if they were nice
In their heads
Upside ground
Track Name: Idahos
I was there looking at sea and see
We couldn't get back in the firearm
She won't stay in my rumble burning cloud
Like if we had a way to go

I don't wanna stay
In my house
I don't wanna wake
In your arms

She stand by in your future eyes
As a horse that couldn't run in the sky
She won't see that you wouldn't dig the grave
To find the treasures of your heart

I don't wanna stay
In my house
I don't wanna wake
In your arms
Track Name: I won't say that
I coundn't find you in the mirror of your eyes
Cause you weren't backside telling that you don't mind

So we walked to the beach
And talked about our pretty lives
But we can't admit it
That we are in the glass

I won't say that you're pretty
You won't wake back, back to the sea